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One cigarette butt can pollute 7 litres of water in an hour.

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Mission Statement

Accessible Solutions to Plastic Waste

While this covers a broad spectrum of issues within our public systems, re:FILTER's purpose is to share information with communities - researching along the way to understand beyond the norm.

Challenge Existing Systems

We intend to challenge existing systems by pairing with communities and implementing new, innovative waste infrastructure. We plan to extend the conversational boundaries of the average public network, expand public awareness on the subject of waste, and engage public spaces with interactive installations to advance waste culture.

Who We Are

Andee Wiedeman

President & Events Coordinator

Andee has spent years developing her passion for sustainable entertainment and community engagement. This paired with her love of educational leadership, she works to inspire communities to make changes through leading by example. As a server and purveyor of the arts, Andee celebrates connection when offering encompassing experiences.

PLANET PRACTICE: Andee loves cooking and baking - she buys all her ingredients in bulk, carrying her own jars to accepted bulk retailers!

Evan Cronmiller

Vice-President & Treasurer

Evan is enthusiastic about the natural world and interested in how society interacts with local environments. A scientist by trade, he looks at social and environmental issues through an evidence-based and analytical lens. He believes that we - and re:FILTER - can help foster better relationships with the environment through education, experimentation, and enlightened initiatives.

PLANET PRACTICE: Often found outdoors, Evan picks up litter whenever walking, hiking, biking, etc. He also makes sure to pack out what he packs in and encourages others to do the same when spending time in nature.

Megan Rempel


Megan believes in projects that bring communities together while fostering connection with the health of our environment. Using project management experience, she has played a key part in bringing grassroots initiatives to life. Megan loves paddling on rivers, travelling the world and empowering others to take action!

PLANET PRACTICE: In an effort to reduce the culture of 'fast fashion', Megan has become a resourceful secondhand clothing enthusiast.

Mackenzie Fleming

Social Media & Communications Manager

Mac is an ocean enthusiast, seeing tremendous value in experiential learning and nature exploration. Her marine biology background catalyzed her pursuit of sustainable solutions and her love of storytelling allows her to share knowledge with others. She is confident that connecting through stories will empower others and inspire meaningful, equitable change.

PLANET PRACTICE: Mackenzie opts for unpackaged goods over processed, while eating local and vegetarian

Gabriel McCay

Web Wizard & Graphic Design Lead

Gabriel is the owner and creative director of a digital agency (Blue Lotus Creative) on the Sunshine Coast that specializes in graphic design, website development and digital marketing. His goal is to work with the modern day heroes of the digital age - the companies and organizations that are stepping up to do some good in this world.

PLANET PRACTICE: Gabriel is a lifetime vegetarian and a big believer in the power of local communities, especially when it comes to controlling their food and water sources. He always carries around his own water bottle.

Luis DeJesus

Social Media Magus

Luis is an avid believer of everything in moderation, which includes hiking, kayaking, cleaning, and chilling. His musical discipline brings him in contact with people from all walks of life. His goal is to bring people together by whatever means necessary.

PLANET PRACTICE: Luis spreads awareness about the good we can all do, no matter the situation. He's always open to talking through new ideas and keen to find solutions.

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