Touch the Butt - World Oceans Day

June 8th, 2019

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM PDT

Kits Beach, Vancouver

86 People Signed Up

Hello everyone! Welcome to clean up numero TWO, our June 8th BEACH CLEAN UP! We are celebrating our oceans by cleaning up on this most special of days. We, THE BUTT TOUCHERS, focus on cigarette butts, but for this special event we will oblige all litter found on the beach!

Please join us for snacks and wholesome beach fun. We will provide the clean up gear, you just need to bring your best dressed and most prepared for the sunshine selves. On Saturday, June 8th, from 12-2pm, we will be seeking all improperly discarded waste in the name of our great Gaia life source – the beautiful blue – oceans and coasts all over the world.

All of our events are weather permitting, and all of our events have risks involved – sometimes that means sunburn, other times that means overstretched muscles going for a deep BUTT. Some litter has risk associated with it, bio-hazardous waste and toxic waste, and we want to remind you that YOU DON’T OWE US ANYTHING. You have the right to choose what litter you pick up, if any at all!

We will be doing a few give aways for Best Sport and Best Dressed, and always will be providing music. We want to keep you engaged and feeling appreciated, know that we couldn’t do us if it weren’t for YOU!

All of our events are RADICALLY INCLUSIVE. There will be something for everyone. You are all invited. No matter who, what, where, or when you might identify as, we come together for the greater good. No good comes from turning you away.

The Butt Touchers claim to fame is putting the FUN back in FUNDAMENTAL. Please trust that you are in for a very good time and contribute what you can to let that good time roll! Smiles, laughs, high-fives, consensual hugs and jokes are all highly encouraged.

Thank you for your continued support! Community is everything – we can achieve anything when we are together.

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