Vancouver Butt Blitz 2019

Sunday, October 15, 2019

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM PDT

Grandview Park, Vancouver, BC

88 People Signed Up

Welcome back for another round of The Butt Blitz (A Greener Future)! Every year, The Butt Blitz is our BIGGEST event! For this reason, in 2019 we are starting the “Butt Touching” season with a BLITZ! We are back and BETTER THAN EVER, BABY!


As our third year participating in the Blitz, we have some traditions in place. We always wear costumes, we always bring snacks, we always provide music, and we always have COMPETITIONS:


1. The Best Squat and Reach – where you display your Best Butt Touching abilities!

2. The Most Butts Touched – a timed competition where we slit up to collect as many butts as possible in one hour!

3. The Gruesome Twosome – a pair of two that demonstrates the best teamwork BUCKET PLUCK!

4. The Most Valuable Rookie – a fresh face with the perfect attitude!

5. The Best Costume – looking fly and flashy, leading by example!

Last year, The Butt Touchers hosted in Vancouver – our clean up Commercial Drive’s Grandview Park and area collected a whopping 17,526 cigarette buts for recycling! WHOA! And of course, this year, we hope to break those records… we WILL need your help!

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