Butt Blitz

Butt blitz is an annual Canada-wide cigarette clean-up hosted by ?A Greener Future? . We have co-ordinated the first weekend of may for the last three years for this event

The Butt Blitz is an annual Canada wide cigarette clean-up hosted by Ontario?s Rochelle Byrne - otherwise known as ?A Greener Future? NFP. We are so excited to have co-coordinated with AGF the first weekend of May for the last three years for The Butt Blitz. It has quickly become our largest clean-up, pairing with local businesses to offer prizes for competitions The Butt Touchers created to engage volunteers; like ?Most Butts Touched?, ?Best Squat & Reach?, and ?Most Valuable Rookie?. Check out www.agreenerfuture.ca for more information!