Cigarette Butt Myco-Remediation

This project utilizes mushroom mycelium to break down the cellulose acetate filters of cigarette butts, and then using the mycelium as a building material.

This re:FILTER myco-remediation project involves collecting littered cigarette butts; using mushroom mycelium to break down the cellulose acetate filters; and repurposing the mycelium to build new products. "Myco", as opposed to "bio", refers to mycology; the study of mushrooms. Our myco-remediation is an upcycling solution for the most littered item in the world - cigarette butts. Presently, we are partnered with LiveSpores to repurpose cigarette waste and create unorthodox acoustic panels. There are multiple ways to utilize the dried mycelium, and we are always open to ideas!

Our team has trained a specific mushroom species, oyster mushrooms, to colonize and partially breakdown the cigarette butts. The final product can be used as a building material that is dense and insulative. We are looking for sponsorship to fund the extension of our laboratory and purchase materials for expansion, and as such are actively applying for grants while pursuing community support.