?Waste Coast? – Interactive Installation

This art installation is our first chapter of festival themed waste reduction inspiration, focusing specifically on single use items discarded at music festivals around the world.

Inspired by festival binning systems, Waste Coast is an interactive art installation encouraging time spent thinking about waste. In six labeled bins, it splits waste into separate streams for observation. Each bin is lit top and bottom by a colored LED light-strip; top strip constant and the other strip attached to a sensor (programmed by an arduino). The second strip will light when an item is placed. The bins are clear, displaying signage with measurable data/facts on each waste stream. Interactivity is achieved by inviting guests to sort their waste streams, while understanding the impact that each stream has - and hopefully realizing the complexities our society faces with recycling.

Partnered with Mar Koss for lighting and programming, and Devin Downton with support from Jayden Doan for the build (welding, woodworking), we worked consciously to use recycled materials where-ever possible. As this was our first project of this variety, we are all very excited to apply for another artist grant from Bass Coast Music Festival to display the installation again, debugged and complete with new features!